KONA MOBILITY makes it feasible to safely manage and maintain the best conditions of
various connected devices with international standard specifications, OMA DM,
update technology FOTA, and IoT management solution.

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IoT devices are mostly made of devices with low electricity and specifications. According to IoT characteristics, solution is required to efficiently manage many of the devices that use low bandwidth.

Especially, telecommunication business holders, IoT device manufacturers, and platform business holders have continuous interest in a new field, IoT industry, and many of them have adopted LwM2M, enacted by OMA as standard specifications, to manage IoT devices. Therefore, it is expected to help IoT business advance to global arena. Using such LwM2M, it is available to remotely manage various devices conveniently such as smart factory, smart grid, or smart home that IoT service providers or manufacturers are able to save cost, improve quality, and conveniently manage devices.

LwM2M (Light Weight M2M) LwM2M Logo

Unlike OMA DM technology that is mostly applied on devices with high specifications such as smart phone, LwM2M is developed to manage devices with low electricity or specifications to be appropriate for IoT environment. Since standards were firstly made in 2017, telecommunication agencies such as AT&T in America, various IoT platform business holders such as Ericson, Huawei, NOKIA, or Telit, and IoT module manufacturers have adopted LwM2M as IoT device managing technology. Therefore, there has been an increasing trend of using LwM2M these days.

OMA is inappropriate to apply in IoT device environment with OMA DM that is device management standard for existing mobile devices. Therefore, standards have been enacted to be applied in all the IoT devices including devices with low electricity or specifications.

LwM2M is a standard specification applied in light-weighted devices by using CoAP protocol unlike other device managing standard specifications.

Protocol Compare beetween OMA and LwM2M
  • DM (OMA): Protocol appropriate with Mobile device
  • TR-069 (BBF): Protocol for remotely managing user device in wire network
  • 1) CPE : Customer-Premises Equipment
  • 2) ACS : Auto Configuration Servers
  • Protocol enacted with focus on constrained device
  • CoAP and UDP are used for lower architecture of LwM2M for constrained case
  • Protocol appropriate for IoT/M2M market