KONA MOBILITY makes it feasible to safely manage and maintain the best conditions of
various connected devices with international standard specifications, OMA DM,
update technology FOTA, and IoT management solution.

About Automotive OTA image

Automotive OTA is one of the connected car services as a new technology to remotely update automotive software in wireless environment.

KONA MOBILITY is in possession of FOTA technology to reduce data traffic between OMA DM and wireless environment where OMA DM is the technology standard between automotive and update server as a core technology to update various software of automotive in wireless environment.

With generalization of the concept of connected car, there has been an increasing new request from drivers on the specifications for the convenience and the risk of hacking. With the distribution of remote software, there has been increasing needs for swift solution on various issues such as saving of costs in the field of automotive industry.

Global market investigating companies have expected that the proportion of full automotive parts will exceed 50% after 2020. Therefore, it is expected to be required to solve an issue of the recall related to S/W and explosively increasing problems of costs from them. At the same time, bug from automotive software or hacking will be directly related to the stability of passengers in the autonomous driving era. Therefore, automotive OTA technology is inevitable to maintain the up-to-date software for automotive through automotive OTA technology.

Therefore, KONA MOBILITY has been providing stable and reliable automotive OTA technologies to global automotive manufacturers and full part manufacturers with research and investment for multiple years.